Celebrating Good News in
Jefferson County, Colorado

Steering Committee

The Good News Coalition


If you’re interested in joining our committee, please contact Jill McGranahan, Chair: GNJ@GoodNewsJeffCo.org



Adler, Ryan (Treasurer)
Apel, Tracie
Arnesen, Kayla
Browne, Neal
Cook, Felix
Fairchild, Roubhie
Ford, John
Haines, Joseph
Hartmann, Jill
Hyatt, Mallory (Secretary)
Jeffco League of Women Voters
Jefferies, Anne
King, Ashley
Levine, Leslie
Long, Cecilia
Luttrell, Amber (Chair Elect)
McGranahan, Jill  (Chair)
McMinimee, Dan
Merritts, Tori
Messick, Gary
Meyer, Dexter
Oliver, Jeanne
Pride, Kay
Riach, Susan
Russell, Dana
Russell, Pam
Saltzman, Marilyn
Shinn, Elizabeth
Slinger, Ron
Smiley, Mark
Van Ens, Rev. Jack
Wagner, Mary
Winning, Rebecca
Zwanzig, Carrie